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Loosehanger Farmhouse Cheeses

12 - Dec - 2014

Consistently award winning handmade cheeses to delight the palate


~ Quality Cheese Making in the UK ~

The Store

Award Winning Cheese in the UK

We're proud of our range of gold medal cheese in the UK with consistent claims to fame including BEST BLUE CHEESE at the 2007 British Cheese Awards with Old Sarum, our sweet blue cheese, which New Forest Blue, our tangy Blue, followed up in 2008. More recently, we won 4 awards (2 golds) at the 2010 International cheese awards.

The Sources

We handmake a range of cheeses from both Ayrshire cows milk and goats milk from the Willowbrook goats.

The pure Ayrshire cows milk is sourced from a closed herd owned and managed by the Ody family, at Upper Wooton, Basingstoke. The cows graze on the herb-rich Hampshire Downs and are fed farm-grown cereals. Woodgarston farm is traditionally managed by Bob & Russell who breed replacements from within the herd and won the cup for outstanding stockmanship in 2004.

This is the best milk we have ever tasted and it's fantastic for cheese making. From this excellent raw material the cheeses are handcrafted and matured in the time-honoured way.

Contact Us

Since starting this business in 2002 we're still growing. We cater to many local outlets including delicatessens, hotels, restaurants and wholesalers and run more than 200 farmers market stalls per year. We do hope you try our gold medal cheeses - see our Outlets section for more details.

For information about our handmade cheeses or if you have any questions for us here at Loosehanger Farmhouse Cheeses then why not give us a call on: (+44)1725 514791 Alternatively you can email Gwyn at

We enjoy what we do and the cheese we make and we are always glad of the chance to chat about it. We look forward to providing you with our quality handmade cheese, feel free to browse the rest of the site.

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